Worlds #1 fully Customizable Ceramic Poker Chips
  • Custom Golf Ball Markers

    Customized poker chips with your logo. We will design the poker chip around your logo to match the color scheme. Golf courses, tournaments, clubs, groups, etc… Customize your own ball markers for your course, tournament, group, and golf event.

    We work with the small groups to the Fortune 500 companies to bring them the industry’s most unique ball marker idea.

  • Business Card Poker Chips

    Customized poker chip business cards with your logo and contact information. Heading to a convention or show? These poker chips are sure to be a hit and your “business card” is not going to be put into a stack of 50 other ones..

  • Trade Show Giveaways

    Are you headed to a convention or a trade show and you can’t seem to find that perfect give-a-way? Who else is going to have a customized poker chip with their information on it? Be the talk of the show and blow everyone away with a real casino quality poker chip customized in your name.

  • Alignment Aid

    We have created an alignment aid that will help the golfer line up their putt. The arrow gives the direction as where the “cross hairs” will give the vision of the putter face.

  • Custom Poker Chip Sets

    Now you can have your custom poker set with your name, business name/logo, group name, etc… With these sets we include a custom dealer button, deck of cards, and a case. This is sure to impress your friends and colleagues.

“Worlds #1 fully customizable Ceramic Poker Chips”

Customized ceramic poker chip ball markers, Business Card Poker, Golf Flags, Alignment Aid Option, Poker Chip Sets, Redemption tokens, Wedding Favors..

Customized poker chip ball markers for your course, tournament, or any other event.
We match the color scheme of your logo and can customize them for all your needs.

These are casino quality ceramic chips, in fact we have a division that makes poker chips for casinos, dealer schools, and private use.

This is not a cheap plastic chip with a logo sticker.
The ink is dyed into the ceramic which will give the chip a long lasting professional quality.

With Custom Golf Chips you are dealing direct with the manufacturer of the chip so you will avoid any “middle-men” which is why we will give you our best available pricing.  Please contact us for pricing. I’m also PayPal Verified!